Advertising of goods and services

Advertising goods and services on the Internet
Increase sales by attracting new customers
Large coverage of product offerings


More website traffic

Simple and convenient purchase of traffic
for news sites and information resources


Increasing site traffic

Attract new visitors to your site for free
Exchange traffic
Grow your site or blog audience


Earnings on the site

Do you want to monetize your traffic?
We will buy your advertising space Sell website traffic profitably


Guest posting

Post articles, news, press releases in the Internet.
Raise your awareness your company's expertise.


Internet advertising for your business

For advertising
Profitable solutions for advertising the business of your customers
For PR
We help to form a positive image
For Online
Selling your products through RTB and goods advertising formats.
For news
Promotion of publications and articles. More readers on your resource.

RedTram advertising network offers favorable conditions for the purchase of goods and news traffic, and we help quickly attract more targeted visitors to your Internet resource. Advertising brings benefits and profits. By buying traffic, you will get access to your target audience on the Internet and promote your brand recognition.

Advertising formats and technologies

Native advertising

News SmartBloc

Banner advertising

Advertising widget

Video advertising

RTB auction

Native advertising

Native advertising for any type of site. Attracts the audience's attention and organically combines with other elements of the site.

Adapts to any screen size of the device. Is placed vertically and horizontally.

News SmartBloc

Attractive format of news announcements to promote your news and attract new audiences.

The news bloc fits seamlessly into the site's design to provide content depending on visitor preferences.

Banner advertising

Increase the recognition of your brand, show advertising banners on thematic news categories.

Increase brand advertising outreach by targeting the audience and readers of certain interests or preferences

Advertising widget

A designer or advertising widget is an opportunity to create a design yourself, manage advertising block elements.

Your creative approach to the implementation of product or news items on the site, without programmer, layout designer and designer.

Video advertising

Outstream format is the most effective video advertising format, according to research indicators of recognizability of goods and services of different brands.

Outstream format is the ability to display embedded video content on thematic categories of news, according to the interests of target visitors.

RTB auction

Opportunities to purchase real-time advertising using the OpenRTB protocol.

With RTB, reach a large audience, optimize advertising campaigns costs, control and manage the procurement process.

Additional opportunities

  • Advanced

  • Platforms

  • Quality

  • Experienced

  • Audience

Audience network audience

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