Advertising of goods and services on the Internet

Advertising opportunities

For online stores

Attracting customers, advertising goods of an online store to a large audience. Create campaigns to sell products and services. Targeted advertising for the online store.

For news projects

Attracting readers to your site content. Advertising of informative articles and publications. Increasing the core of readers of your resource. Advertising of articles.

For advertising agencies

More business development opportunities for your customers and partners. A separate channel for attracting new customers. Unlimited posting of your customers’ articles and PR publications.

How goods advertising works

Benefits of an ad network for you

Help and support

An advertising expert will set up an advertising campaign for an online store and tell you how to create effective advertising creatives and texts.

Target achievement analytics

Tracking conversions and achieving targets

Setting the target audience

Target campaigns to your target audience: by location, time of display, operating system, device and other parameters.

Advertising account

You create an account where you manage advertising campaigns: start, stop them

Targeting the best traffic

Set individual bids for effective GEOs and sites that bring you good conversions.

Traffic statistics

Open statistics on traffic sources

Additional oportunities


Automation when working with a large number of online store products


Additional ads displaying for your products and services through the RTB system


Place a counter that will count conversions on your site

How much does advertising cost?

Price calculator

Purchase terms

Payment system: for redirections to the site (CPC);
cost per ad impressions (CPM).

Minimum number of redirections: 120 per day.

Minimum deposit: 1500 UAH.

Audience: Ukraine, Europe (or european countries), Kazakhstan…

Cost for redirection: 0.90 UAH.

Payment system: for the redirections to the site (cpc);
cost per ad impressions (CPM).

Minimum number of redirections: 120 per day.

Minimum deposit: 50$.

Audience: Ukraine, Europe (or european countries), Kazakhstan…

Cost for the redirection: $0.04.

It’s easy to start advertising

Register in your personal account

Create an advertising campaign and set up parameters

Post an ad and run ads

Create an advertisement account

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