Make your online business visible

Post articles, news, and press releases on the Internet. Raise awareness and expertise of your company. Publish PR materials and promotional articles to remind a large audience of yourself. The RedTram publishing system is a service for controlling your publications and posting articles on one resource.

Posting articles on the Internet helps:

Increase the reputation and credibility of the company

Identify your company in an existing market

Share an important informational occasion from the life of the company

Show expertise in your business

Show work experience in your field of activity

Increase interest in the public person

Benefits of posting

Permanent placement of links in articles

Indexing by search engines

Control of publications in your personal account

Ability to use links, photos and videos

Possibility of placement on the main page and in categories

Posting articles in three languages: UA, RU, KZ

Posting cost


Posting of one publication

Additional posting options

Broadcast news or articles on media sites

Pinning a post to the front page

Pinning in thematic sections

Posting without advertisement tags

Post and manage posts

Create an account

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Start adding materials

Use all web publishing tools for content

Save the finished article

Publish your materials when everything is ready, and all the edits are made

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