System for promoting publications and news of your site

Promoting of publications is

Distribution of announcements of your site materials: articles, news, and events on the sites of partners of the RedTram network.
Increase your outreach and attract a new audience through new visitors.
Increase readers’ interest in your site.


Increase in attendance at no cost

Promote your website content through our affiliate network absolutely free

Quick announcement of your publications

Accelerate the distribution of your site’s content and increase its visibility

Complete promotion management

Track statistics, control and manage promotion through your personal account

Universal and adaptive SmartBlock

The appearance of the block is organically combined with the design of your site and does not slow down its loading

How it works

Your convenience for promotion

Automatic download of news from your site

News categories correspond to the subject of your site

A convenient constructor for creating your own SmartBlock yourself

Setting the desired GEO of visitors

Manage settings and control statistics in your account

We send the ready SmartBlock code and help with its placement on the site

Stop words for content filtering

You decide what news to post

A qualified manager tells you how to make the promotion better

Easy to start

Register in the system

Fill in the data to start cooperation

Place a SmartBlock on your website and get traffic

Create an account

We pre-check sites:

Malware and virusesNot detected 

BlacklistedNot detected

Adult contentNot detected

Over 500 visits per dayGood

Site age one year or moreGood

Quality websiteGood

Updated contentGood

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